Our Mission

At Overland Christian Schools, our mission is to provide a strong educational foundation from a biblical perspective and to prepare young people for service as they pursue God’s will for their lives.  It is our desire to educate the whole child: academically, emotionally, physically, and most importantly spiritually.


Our Objectives


  • To offer a high-quality education firmly based on a thoroughly Christian philosophy, in a spiritual environment, under the instruction of conscientious, godly instructors.
  • To provide instruction and discipline that will contribute to development of strong moral character based on definite, personal, Biblical convictions.
  • To establish young people thoroughly in the doctrine of the Bible.
  • To emphasize the necessity of a personal experience of justification and a second definite work of grace.
  • To develop social grace becoming to a Christian.
  • To teach all subjects in a manner which creates in each student an awareness of God’s supreme authority over all creation.
  • To present the Bible, God’s Word, as the only reliable and true revelation of God’s nature and His redeeming purpose and will for mankind.
  • To provide spiritual training from a conservative holiness viewpoint and to foster the development of Christian character in each student.
  • To closely coordinate school work and spirituality which is considered of paramount importance.